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14 Jun

Crash Diets are good for you

Five things you need to know about crash diets: 

According to the Beeb’s Big Crash Diet Experiment, and ITV’s The Fast Fix –Diabetes Very Low Calorie Diets (VLCDs) are the new black.

It’s official. Cutting the calories delivers the goods. And that’s out of the mouths of clinical evidence text books. Or something like that.

So let’s get straight off the blocks with number one.

VLCDs are nutritious

Yep, things have moved on since the stone age monochromatic grapefruit or cabbage diet options.

The shakes being tested by the programme provide our daily balance of vitamins and minerals.

(Plenty of other VLCD shakes do too).

So we need not run screaming from a nine-week liquid-only diet, however counter-intuitive that may sound.

They’re a good option for diabetics

If they’re good enough for Father Paul Lomas, the BBC  experiment’s type 2 diabetic – well, say no more.

After 8 weeks on the VLCD his diabetes went into remission.

Other researchers have found the same too.

It’s difficult to start with

Well, what isn’t? If a thing’s worth doing it’s worth doing right. Push through the pain and all that.

It gets easier once you get into it. And start to see the weight fall off.

VLCDs really work

The weekly weigh-ins were almost redundant, so visible was each volunteer’s weight loss.

In eight weeks all four of them significantly reduced their bulk, one losing three stone.

When the diet finished not only did they not put their weight back on, they actually lost more.

Where’s the beach?

Dieters need a lot of support to stay on track

And that’s where we come in. We got the shakes. (Not the same as the Beeb’s but a different, also nutritionally complete, very low calorie type. Tasty too).

We got the packs. We got the know-how, the motivation and the support.

All we need is you. Contact us today to lose your weight your way. Just in time for summer. Yippee. www.practicallyslim.com

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