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02 Jul

Probiotics and stress :

Probiotics and stress :

Heard the latest? Combating stress could be as simple as popping probiotics. And they can even help with memory problems.

So what exactly are probiotics? Basically, they’re the bacteria found in our gut. There are hundreds of species in there. They help our immune system, our digestion and thrive generally on stuff absorbed by the intestine. The ‘safe’, probiotic type can even stop the harmful bacteria in their tracks.

How do they do that? Well, the bacteria produce chemicals. And the chemicals affect different parts of us, including the brain. They’re not sure yet exactly how they do this mind.

It could be that substances released reach the brain via the blood supply, or they could activate the vagus nerve which links the gut and the brain. Or it could be something else again.

And here’s the exciting bit. The benefits of probiotics have even been proven.

Studies on mice repeated on people showed, through scientific tests, that people’s memory and stress levels improved after taking probiotics every day for a month.

The probiotic bacteria identified that can do this was ‘Bifidobacterium longum 1714’. A billion a day were needed but they’re microscopic so it’s all fairly doable. The wonders of science, eh?

So where do we line up for the tablets then?

Well, the bad news is, it’s not as simple as that right now.

But, the good news is staggering. It really does seem possible that, in a few short years, we’ll be able to treat depression and anxiety with probiotics. To use nature in our gut to adjust what’s going on in our heads. How amazing is that!

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