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11 Oct

Seven deadly weigh-ins

 Lost your scales? Did the dog really eat them? Or maybe, we’re just taking a guess here, you’ve never possessed any?

If this is you, you need our seven essentials you should know about regular weigh-ins.

If you’re trying to lose weight, regularly weighing yourself is officially A Good Thing. It can help you not only lose it, but keep it at bay.

This particularly works for men. They tend to respond well to the structure provided by regular weigh-in sessions.

It’s not a great plan though for adolescents or people with eating disorders. It’s been shown to have no great impact on young people’s weight whilst negatively impacting their mental health.

Getting weighed regularly by a health professional works too. Those who did this, amongst 11,000 overweight people reviewed, were more likely to lose more than 5% of their body weight.

Other studies found it doesn’t seem to matter whether you weigh yourself daily or weekly. You just have to do it regularly.

In fact, if you don’t, and you’re on a diet, you’re on a rocky road. Without regular weigh-ins you’re at higher risk of gaining weight.

Making a commitment - to a diet club, or just a set day to weigh yourself - has been shown to be another effective tool in the box.  

So what we’re saying is, courtesy of conscienhealth, if you’re past your teens, your mental well-being is good and you don’t have an eating disorder, regularly weighing yourself could reap real rewards.

And if you like the sound of committing to a regular weigh-in we’ve got just the thing. Practically Slim’s friendly groups provide not just the scales, but the social network too. Yaay. We’re the ones who love to help you lose your weight your way.

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