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06 Nov

Mind games unwrapped:

Weight bias is all around. Just in case you didn’t know.

Bet you were less likely to know it’s so prevalent it’s easy to inadvertently turn it in on ourselves.

How does that work? Well, giving the stigma time and space also means we’re highly likely therefore to internalise it. And, as you might expect, this makes our health worse.

Internalisation means we adopt the stigma and then turn it on ourselves. A weight concept arriving as a Trojan Horse makes it harder to deal with obesity. Obvs.

So, if you keep thinking that life will really begin after you’ve lost weight, maybe you need a new outlook on life?

As Dr Rebecca Pearl says “Choose happiness and choose to live life at any weight”. Regardless of all manner of weight bias all around.

What does this involve? At the very least it means we learn that we can choose our path. We can also choose to challenge our own negative thoughts. We can reject the stigma we’ve unknowingly adopted as our own which has turned against us.

Heavy stuff? Indeed.

How can we do that exactly? Well, we can either take action through advocacy, giving us a sense of control over the stigma. Or we can simply accept ourselves as we are. Warty bodies and all.

There’s also the question of the choice between managing our weight and being positive about our bodies.

Is it really a choice? There are plenty who say these two ideas are mutually exclusive.

This is where it gets complex. As if it wasn’t already. So stick with us.

The idea of being positive about your body is apparently not actually about “loving your body.” It’s about equal rights for all bodies.

Hmmm. And breathe.

This needs to be set in the context that says managing our weight suggests that it’s worthier, healthier, to have a smaller body.

So how can this idea coexist with the idea of dealing with obesity?

Strangely, some find these two ideas to actually be complementary.

There’s nowt so queer as folk, eh?

So if we’ve twisted your insides right around, not to worry.

Ultimately, when all is said and done, when all ideas have been thoroughly explored and turned upside down, there’s only one thing to do that’s really useful.

And that’s to be kind to ourselves and accept our bodies.

Stick with us for more exploration of borderline existential ideas. We’re here to simplify stuff. Ultimately what we want to do is to help you lose your weight your way. Contact us today for a thorough unravelling.


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