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30 Oct

Starting my diet today

Last of the summer wine:
As the days start to cool, should we be starting now to repair the damage of one of the longest, hottest UK summers on record?

We’re thinking here of how to reverse the effects on body and soul, well, OK, mainly body, of numerous, soft, celebratory evenings held in gardens up and down the nation.

What steps do we need to take to get back on track and into those skinny jeans?

Well, first off, it’s always good to have a plan. If you fail to plan, then you really do plan to fail. There’s no way round it.

What should your plan cover? Best keep it simple. Focus on:

·         Meal preparation

·         Eating habits

·         Exercise opportunities

·         Emotional support.

Select your best healthy eating / lower calorie meals and rustle up a shopping list. Dib, dib, dib.

Consult notes you’ve made from previous pep talks to remind yourself of your habitual pitfalls and how you’ve got round them in the past. For example:

·         if breakfast’s your downfall, avoid demolishing a pastry (or two?) on the way in to work by preparing something the night before you can just grab and go

·         pack a healthy snack to eat before you leave work in the evening to stop you arriving home totally ravenous and plunging head first into the fridge.

Start to re-build exercise into your daily routine. Resume getting off the bus or tube a stop early to increase those steps. If you don’t have a fitbit or similar, count your steps with your health app on your i-phone. Or get a simple pedometer.

Polish up your membership credentials and trot along to your usual support group. If you’ve not done that before, or want a change, join a new one. Enjoy the encouragement of your counsellor and fellow slimmers alike and take away some fresh ideas for the autumn.

At Practically Slim we offer all the above, and more. Why not contact us today for help shedding those summer excesses? We’d love to help you lose your weight your way

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