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29 Oct

Has dietary advice led to obesity?:

We have a dual and connected epidemic of obesity and diabetes. Is there any mileage on blaming this on advice to eat low-fat diets? The idea being that this leads us to fill up on often sugary carbs instead.

After plenty of articles and books on this kind of thinking, and low-carb diets now de rigeur, a new observation’s been thrown into the pot.

The number of people who are obese has continued to grow in the last ten years. Even though sugar consumption’s reduced.

So where do we go from here?

Maybe the part of the equation that would benefit from more focus is the type of carbs people turn to as they cut down their fat intake. Carbs that have been so refined there’s no value left, providing only sugar and no nutrition. But they’re not going to be included in any measurement of ‘sugar consumption’.

We’re talking about the widely available, 24/7, grab and go carbs. The close-to-zero nutrition, calorie dense kind. Yep, we’re talking doughnuts, yum yums, white bread and the like. You know the type.

Getting people focused on filling up on unrefined carbs would be a useful way forward. The types of foods we’ve explored in our blogs – veggies, fruits, pulses, and higher fibre wholewheat grains etc.

If we regularly build these wholesome, unrefined carbs into our diet, we’re less likely to feel like snacking. The fibre keeps us fuller for longer. And there’s no added sugar to cause a spike in our appetites.

Combine plenty of those types of carbs with a low-fat diet and you’re on the right road, we reckon.

Now then. Given that this entirely reflects government guidelines, is it possible that dietary advice has led to obesity? Somehow, we don’t think so.

If you’re looking for more support and advice as you watch your weight, look us up and get in contact today. We’re always reviewing the latest dietary and behavioural change information. Because we’re here to help you lose your weight your way.

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