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28 Nov

5 easy ways to lose weight

Five ways to lose weight without really trying:

It might surprise you to know there are lots of ways you can help yourself to lose weight before you even begin to think about a diet. How many of these do you do?

1.       Eat slowly. Simple as that. Why? Because it takes twenty minutes for your body to catch up with your mouth and tell you you’re full. The big bad wolfers miss that.

2.       Eat more veggies. Full of vitamins, minerals, water content and of course fibre, they’re great for filling you up without the calories.

3.       Eat a broth-based soup each day. Why? Same as the above. And it fills you up with warming goodness. Having a bowl to start your meal, means you’ll eat less of your mains and save calories there. Take note though – we’re not talking creamy.

4.       Eat a vegetarian meal once or twice a week. Helps you dodge the calories from protein and it might also mean you eat more legumes. What on earth is a legume? Ah, you’ll need to read our earlier blog for that. But suffice to say, they’re beany, lentilly and include thin green beans. And they’re really, really good for you. For the vegetarians shall inherit the earth.

5.       If you must eat carbs, make them whole grain. Why? The other type has had all the good stuff milled out. Our bodies need vitamins and minerals, a small amount of protein and fibre. If your carbs aren’t providing your fibre you don’t need them!!  So ditch the donuts and pies. Whole grains are full of fibre. We know, we know. Brown rice takes an age to boil and leaves your kitchen running with condensation. So make it easy on yourself. Buy the new rice pouches you cook in the microwave in minutes. They’re often combined with quinoa too (say keen-wah) which is ohh so good because it’s very high in protein and has every one of the nine essential amino acids that our bodies have to get from food sources. Every one.

If your habits tick any of these boxes and you’d like some help on your weight loss journey, come and join the family at Practically Slim. We offer oodles of help, support and advice. Because we know how you feel. And we want to help you lose your weight your way.

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