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13 Dec

Five more easy ways to lose weight

Five more ways to lose weight without really trying:

We’re on a mission. Here’s another five to add to the last, making ten ways to make a difference without officially ‘dieting’.

1.       Go for food substitutes. Switch to quinoa (‘keen-wah’) instead of wheat-based couscous. Pine after light instead of full-fat cheese. Be imaginative about fillings for your (wholemeal) sarnies other than bacon and sausage – how about banana, tomatoes or soft peppers from the jar? Switch to zero-sugar fizzy drinks. Hell, you can even go innovative – swap a can of black beans for flour when baking brownies, cutting the gluten and increasing the protein. Ditch noodles for courgette ribbons. Replace breadcrumbs with flaxseeds. We could go on.

2.       Cut down on eating out. Have better control over what and how much you eat. Spend your savings on new clothes for your svelte figure. You don’t have to go all Fanny Craddock. Or Marco Pierre White. Use shortcuts to make it easy for yourself, like pre-chopped cubes of beef or chicken, frozen chicken strips or prawns, pre-cut veggies and canned beans and lentils to save all that soaking. The world’s your oyster sauce (light).

3.       Enjoy the occasional meal out but try these tips to cut down on what might otherwise be a binge. Split a starter with a friend, or order one as a main meal, adding extra salad or veggies so that half of what you’re eating is fibre and water content. Choose the child’s plate if it’s allowed. 

4.       Alcohol. The Big One. If you want to lose weight you have to ditch the booze. Try making some inroads by replacing every other drink with non-alcoholic sparkling water or soda. You can make it more interesting by adding ice, lemon, lime, mint, parasols. Try it. You’ll like how you feel in the morning.

5.       When eating at home, use a small plate. An eleven inch plate was designed by its inventor Kay Illingworth when she found it impossible to guess the weight of food she was eating. It did the trick and she lost 7 stone, reducing from an 18 stone size 26 to a size 14. And while we’re on the subject, don’t give your children adult plates or insist they finish everything on there. There’s a good chance this is leading to us overfeeding them big time.

Do these ring any bells? Which ones will you try this week? We’d love to know how you got on. Please do get in touch with us here at Practically Slim. And, if you’re looking for support on your weight loss journey, a warm welcome awaits. Our local weekly groups offer just the right blend of empathy, support and guidance.

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