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19 Dec

Deck the halls with beer and bolly:

 It’s here again. The Time To Avoid Temptation. How to do it? We have some ideas.

Get organised

The number one tip. If you’ve thought ahead about your alternative food and drink options, you’re more likely to be able to stick to plan. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

So that means:

·         Doing a shopping list

·         Getting in alternative drinks

·         Thinking about easy-on-the-calories nibbles for party-time

·         Strategies to avoid binge-eating.

Half the calories, all the taste

Look for lower-calorie foodie alternatives that look and taste great whilst filling you up less:

·         Swop to semi-skimmed or skimmed milk

·         Slim the milk down even further by switching from Lattes to Americanos

·         Use lower calorie cream alternatives for your Christmas pud

·         Switch to half fat cheddar

·         Buy ten-calorie jelly pots for great little treats

·         Go for 0% fat yogurts and crème fraiche – but check the sugar content’s low too

·         Look for lower-calorie options by comparing the calorie info on packets of mince pies and the like. Shallower ones hold less filling and even less if you eat them in halves.

Raise a glass or two over Christmas but keep it in check:

·         Have a glass of water (fizzed up with lemon and ice) inbetween each glass of something stronger – good for your liver too …. and the next morning

·         If you’re in for ‘a sesh’ with mates, dribble a little wine into your glass and top up with the water. That way you can join in without breaking all your resolutions. Or drawing anyone’s attention to what you’re doing

·         Get lots of fizzy soda water and fruity low-cal fizz drinks in to give you some variety

·         Investigate low alcohol options. You may not save much on calories but you’ll hang on to your self-control which will help you avoid binge eating too.

When it comes to nice but less naughty party nibbles, put things on the table you can help yourself to without concern:

·         Teeny cherry tomatoes

·         Crunchy cucumbers you can slice and put out with a low-calorie tzatziki dip

·         Carrot sticks you can prepare ahead and seal in a lock-tight freezer bag.

Everything in moderation

Treat yourself by all means – it’s Christmas. But keep control by setting yourself some boundaries – whatever works for you. Something like:

·         Tell yourself you’ll enjoy Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings but will keep portion control

·         Enjoy a little of ‘everything in moderation’, taking particularly small portions of the items that pile on the pounds – bread sauce, full-fat gravy, pigs in blankets

·         Eat slowly and stop eating well before you’re full – stop at the 80% mark

·         Park the Christmas Pudding and have a small portion a few hours later in lieu of another meal.

So, there you have it. Loads of good ideas for enjoying Christmas without undoing all your sterling efforts so far. So, get organised, get that shopping list written and while you’re at it, why not get in touch with us? We’re here to help you get back on that wagon when it’s all over bar the shouting. Meanwhile, from all of us at Practically Slim we are sending you much love for a very merry Christmas...www.practicallyslim.com

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