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11 Jan

Five ways Practically Slim can help you to lose weight:

It’s that time of year again. The turkey’s less perky, Santa’s lost his banter and you’re turning from trimming to slimming.

So how can we help?

We know people do better when they’re well supported and organised. When they understand why they’re inclined to self-sabotage and how to avoid repeating it.

This is where Practically Slim comes in. Our aim is to help you become  Slim and healthy.

A range of diets

First off, we offer a range of weight loss plans which are all fast, safe and easy to follow.

Behavioural change support

More importantly, and in line with research findings, we combine this with behavioural change techniques to help keep you on track and maintain your weight loss in the longer term. This includes:

  • A free psychological profile and mini report, with a more detailed version available
  • Tailored support from your friendly Coach
  • Regular, weekly group support to help you through.

In short, we offer you personalised support. Bags of it. We offer a free psychological profile and mini report with our compliments as soon as you make an appointment with one of our fully trained coaches. This helps you understand your natural strengths and weaknesses. 

A comprehensive report is written especially for you on completion of our online questionnaire. This helps you really get to grips with exactly what makes you tick. People tell us it’s so helpful to get on top of the way they operate and, as a result, often discover new ways of dealing with barriers.

Your local Coach holds small, weekly groups to talk through how you’re doing. They’re great at offering tips for getting back on the wagon when the wheels have come off. And they know how to tailor their support to take into account people’s different ways of going about things.


Planning ahead

We also know that people do better on diets when they get organised. If you’ve planned out what food you need each day for each meal, and got the shopping in, you’re less likely to eat any old thing and let yourself down. You know the saying. Fail to plan, plan to fail.

In planning ahead, your Coach can also guide you to think about your flash points in a typical day and week. At what points are you inclined to deviate from your plan? Do you have a daily struggle, for example, on your way back from work when you can’t resist popping into the corner shop? Practically Slim’s Coaches can help you think through how to avoid those weak points and minimise the damage.


Come on in. The water’s lovely!

Have we wet your whistle? Come join us today so we can help you lose your weight your way. We’re waiting to greet you right now as a new or returning member of the Practically Slim family.

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