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16 Jan

How to Focus for Success

How to Focus for Success  

Need some support to focus your efforts? Have a look at these tips to help you emphasise healthy behaviour, well-being and how you feel, and not just losing weight.

Plan. If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. Choose your weight loss programme, get everything you need in and away you go.

Record what you’re eating in a food diary so that you can be fully aware of some calories that might have missed your notice. Keep those portion sizes under control.

Build exercise into your weekly routine, daily if possible. How many times a week do you aim to swim, to go to the gym? Can you walk one of the stops you’d usually take a bus or tube for?

Do the HIIT, High intensity interval training, twice a day. What’s that? It focuses on quick, intensive burst of energy. A short version is to run on the spot for 30 seconds, the stop for 30 seconds, and repeat another two times, making of total of 90 seconds on, 90 off, per session. Start with 20 second burst for the first week. Build up to full cycle at least twice a day every day. It’s hard to say you don’t have the time for it!

Limit your eating to a time window of eight hours. It’s been shown to lead to obese mice losing weight, maybe it can do the same for us. The jury’s still out but academics felt it was worth exploring further.

Eat slowly.  Give your body a chance to recognise it’s full and send you a signal to put the knife and fork down!

If you do a lot of eating out you might need to suspend it for a while. Put the cash into a savings account. Resume when you can trust yourself to stick to wise choices and little or no alcohol.

Drink lots of water. Even nicer in lovely glasses. And slices of lime etc.

Talk to yourself positively. Be your own cheerleader. How would you talk to a best friend who’d had a temporary blip?

Keep a Thank You Diary. Three things at the end of each day you’re grateful. Get the spotlight on the positives.

Reward yourself.  Buy yourself a weekly, non-food or drink treat. Need a new lippy? Nice magazine? New book? Manicure?

And the final one? The most important. Prioritise your attendance at your weekly support group.

By now we’re sure you won’t be surprised to know that all these tips are from a single Practically Slim group session held this month.

We’ve got lots more help and support from where that came from. Help us to help you. We like to help you lose your weight your way. Get in touch to book in and get started.

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