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04 Feb

Pseudo-science diet fads

Pseudo-science diet fads: 

New Year. New Diet Hype.

No doubt you’ve seen plenty of it in the last few weeks.

The question is - how much of it is useful. And how much is pseudo-science psycho-babble based on, well, nothing much.

Perhaps the more we’ve seen of it the more we’re likely to recognise it for what it is and resist? Let’s hope so.

The problem is when people believe it. It can be dangerous.

The nonsense that’s masquerading as science, repeated with great authority to the ignorant hanging on every word. Willing to believe that all that’s needed is a pineapple enema to cure all ills. Carrot juice to cure cancer.

Some dieters simply reject any element of science whatsoever.

Others lose all sense of proportion, over sugar for instance. Such a killer, to be avoided at all costs.  

Yet more promote obesity as a behavioural defect. ‘If only they had more willpower they wouldn’t find themselves in that position’. Would they. Would that it were so simple.

Fortunately, for those who are interested, we do have a growing body of obesity science to rely on. To bust those myths.

There are a number of writers on the subject. Have a look, for example at Anthony Warner’s books, Bad Science and the Truth About Healthy Eating and The Truth About Fat.

You can also check out a range of stories for the truth on the NHS Behind the Headlines site.

And get key diet points straight up from the NHS Eatwell site you can rely on, such as:

·         We need a small amount of fat in our daily diets to stay healthy

·         Vitamins A, D and E are fat-soluble, so they can only be absorbed with the help of fats

·         We should eat less and move more

·         Eat a balanced diet and get your five a day

·         Aim for at least two portions of oily fish a week

·         Everything in moderation is a healthy and realistic plan

·         (No mention of pineapple enemas).

If you pride yourself on getting the facts right, stick with us. We like to explore what’s out there, check it out on authoritative sites, and slim it down to bite sized pieces for our lovely Practically Slim readers.

We’ve got lots more where this came from. Why not get in touch today to see how we can help you lose your weight your way.

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