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12 Sep

Dieting in the Pandemic?

It’s been grim. There’s no getting away from it. We can’t even begin to know how some of you must be feeling.

But. Things. Are. Looking. Up.

We’ve got vaccines. And we’re well ahead of almost every other country in rolling them out. Fantastic. Really top effort.

Even more wonderful. It’s the first pandemic in the history of the world that’s been beaten with science. What remarkable times we’re living in. Hats off to the Big Brains.

So – what are you planning once the coast’s clear to resume normal service?

Hugging your loved ones, and anyone else who gets in the way?!

Visiting a sunshiney beach and all the other places we’ve been longing to go. Hope you’ve got a list.

Maybe the odd mega-trip we’ve realised we’ve got to do instead of putting it off. Hawaii anyone? Australia? Machu Picchu?

We dare say there may even be the odd par-tay in the offing too. I should co-co. They’re predicting the Roaring Twenties. All those milestone birthdays and anniversaries put on hold. All those hospitality venues waiting to receive us. It’s going to be one great big fizz bang.

So what preparations are you making to crawl out of your chrysalis?

Will your wellbeing astound us? Will we swoon at your feet?

Can’t see why not!

And if you need a spot of fine-tuning let us help you get dusted off and onto the dance floor.

The Practically Slim family are here to help and open as usual, complete with adaptations to keep you safe as houses:

  • we provide group counselling and support over Zoom as well as one to one phone calls

  • our diet options have something to suit everyone. Take a look at our website for details on the Fast Track, Five Two, Weekender and MAD plans, to name but a few

  • we’ve started up online ordering, which you can do here. Just take a look at those scintillating smoothies

  • and we can post food replacement packs and bars out to you, and may even be able to deliver.

So there’s no excuse. Why not take that positive step today and get in touch.

We’ll help you to be the best you can be, ready for tomorrow. Just you wait and see.

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