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18 Oct

Pie in the sky:

Pie in the sky: 

Pie would be nice. If it weren’t for those carping carbs.... Is an outstanding non-carb diet the way? Or is it all pie in the sky?


 The miraculous ketogenic diet keeps making itself known.

What can it so miraculously give us then? Well, how’s this for starters?

·         Long life

·         Greater strength

·         A better memory.

Is that all? Where do we sign?

Unfortunately the PR it generates leads down a tiny little lane to - lab mice - on whom the research has centred.

Whilst this diet may yet prove to be the holy grail in the long run, for the moment it’s not a viable solution. But the research provides another step towards building knowledge and understanding about nutrition.

Down to earth

Awwwww. What’s that deflating noise I hear?  We know how you feel.

What’s the problem? Well it’s all just a tiny bit impractical isn’t it.

How long do you think you can seriously stick to a diet that:

·         Severely restricts carbs – no bread or any grains

·         Allows virtually no fruit or vegetables

·         Bans beans

·         Milks the non-milk and yogurt brigade

·         Specifies vitamin, mineral and fibre supplements as essential.

The upside for the carnivores is that this diet includes meats, sausages, cheeses, eggs, fish, nuts, butter, oils and seeds. Oh, and a nod to fibrous vegetables.  Move over Dr Pierre Dukan.

What’s wrong with that then? Well, look - the available data only covers two years. It might appeal at the minute, but does it seem like it’s been found to be a viable, sustainable option?

Healthy carbs    

If you’re starting to see sense, why not adopt instead the main take-home message from the research? It’s pretty simple.

·         Ditch highly refined carbs – white sugar, white flour

·         Eat healthy carbs.

We’re talking about eating not only whole grains, but also fruits, vegetables and legumes. Remember those? Otherwise known as beans, lentils, peanuts and peas. They’re the same thing as pulses. And they’re cheaper protein than meat. And more environmentally friendly.

So here’s our message for today. Ditch the Gwynnie diet hype and be happy.

For the team that cuts the carbs carp, join Practically Slim and let us help you lose your weight your way.

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