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19 Jun

How to deal with dieting myths

What’s the best way of filtering the fluff out of nutritional news? As a number of our blogs have shown, there’s a whole load of myths out there dressed up as fact.

We agree it’s not an easy ask. But we’ve had some thoughts:

·         Be open to new ideas and insights. It’ll be entertaining if nothing else

·         In doing so, weigh things up using critical thinking. Avoid getting swept along with the newest fads by pausing to ask ‘how credible is this idea?’ Coconut oil? Clean eating? Hmmm.... Now what are the components of those exactly?

·         Be aware of some of the most common myths out there, like:

o   Skipping breakfast helps you lose weight. Evidence indicates people who regularly eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight

o   Eating treats piles on the pounds. It will of course if you stuff your face. But a small, regular treat is likely to help keep you on the straight and narrow until you reach target

o   Don’t eat after 8pm. It might aid your digestion but it won’t help you lose weight if you’ve eaten a shed load more calories during the day than you need

o   Eat only low fat. A low fat product can still have a lot of calories – check out the label

o   Exercise intensively. It may work for some. But it’s worth knowing that slow and steady gets there too. Regular, low intensity exercise like our star slimmer Antonella’s walking is very effective.

·         Check things out on accepted, objective sources like these:

o   NHS Choices

o   NHS Eat Well guide

o   gov.uk policies and background information

o   reliably evidence-based NICE guidelines

o   British Heart Foundation

o   Public Health England.

Have we helped? We aim to please. Sign up with our team at Practically Slim for more de-fluffing to help you lose your weight your way.

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