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09 Jul

Coffee: The Elixir of Life?

Will coffee lovers inherit the earth? What is this  about coffee drinkers living a little longer than mere mortals? Let’s have a look.

Two studies were reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine in August 2017 to have found a link between drinking coffee and living longer.

Both studies were huge.

The first studied almost 186,000 people from a range of ethnicities: African and Japanese Americans, white and Latino people and native Hawaiians. Apart from the poor souls languishing in paradise (there has to be some justice I guess), coffee-drinkers in the first four of these groups were found to have a lower risk of death.

The second looked at almost half a million people from ten European countries. And they found – what? The same thing. Drinking more coffee lowered the risk of death.

For the poor sleepers amongst us, this included decaff too. So you can live longer and sleep well too?

Well. Now we’re getting close to a teeny weeny point we need to throw in.

The reduced risk was, well, modest. And worse. It was even described as ‘confounding’.  Meaning? Well, umm, that it couldn’t really be relied upon to be a big fat nailed down fact.

Yes, you heard that rightly. The studies could not be said to show you live longer if you drink coffee. They simply showed ‘an association’.

Basically they don’t really know if it’s the coffee that’s reducing the risks, or maybe a healthier lifestyle enjoyed by coffee drinkers, or perhaps all that extra socialising they’re clearly doing. Or any other of a range of as yet untested reasons we guess.

Correct us if we’re wrong, but it could also perhaps be something to do with the fact that the second study, at least, excluded people who’d had diabetes, heart attacks or strokes.

But let’s give them their due. The jury’s still out.

You never know. We may find out later that coffee is indeed the elixir of life, providing an estimated whole twelve weeks more of it for men and four for women!!

So make the most of those four extra weekend,  and park your worries. Eat, drink and be merry. For food and drink is first and foremost to be enjoyed.

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