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18 Oct

Debunking myths.


A blog about pork pies do I hear you squeak, breathlessly? ‘Fraid not. But you might find it interesting nonetheless. Because today, my beauties, we are debunking myths.

All vegetable oils are healthy

We’re afraid not old chums. Some are healthier than others. Some oils change their make-up when they’re heated, and this even includes the revered olive oil. Some are quite processed and some polyunsaturates are better than others at keeping heart disease at bay.

It’s all about keeping our omega-3s and omega-6’s in balance. Mostly this translates as the need for us all to eat more omega-3. Have a look at our earlier blog on that topic and seek out your common or garden golden rapeseed oil (that’s ever so at home in a fiery furnace) and save your olive oil to splatter your salads. Sparingly.

Eggs are baddies

Did Eggwina have a point? Of course not. Eggs are proper little soldiers, stuffed full of goodies. Do they raise cholesterol? Well, errm yes, but not the bad type. They raise the good ‘high-density lipoprotein type’, or HDL. This is great news because higher HDL levels protect against the risks of a range of diseases. And apparently there’s plenty of evidence now proving wrong the earlier studies that associated eggs with heart disease.

Eggs are stuffed full of vitamins, minerals and protein and they make you feel full too.  NHS Eatwell guidance says if we’re eating a balanced diet, we don’t need to limit the number of eggs we eat. So go for it. Go to work, and all over the place, on an egg. Or two.

A calorie’s a calorie, meh

Strangely, the sciencey bit’s moved on a tad. It’s no longer just a simple question of counting everything that’s going down the cakehole. If we can pause long enough between bites, it’s helpful to also take some notice of the type of food we’re scoffing. Say whaaat? Stay with us.

Different foods affect us differently. They do dfferent things to our hormones, which then, of course, delight in doing different things to us.  They determine how hungry or full we feel and how soon we feel hungry again.  Protein, for example, keeps you feeling fuller for longer than a same-calorie portion of something carby like bread.

More nuggets anyone?

Steady on. We’re not talking chicken. But if we’ve whetted your appetite for more bite-sized food facts and figures, do get in touch.  We’re here to help you lose your weight your way with a range of diets and weekly group meetups for support.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s help you get started on your journey today.

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