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Personality Profiling-Individual Weight Reports

We at Practically Slim believe that whilst losing the weight is important, we also believe that maintaining the weight loss is a priority. In order for that change to happen people need to change their behaviour around food. Most people need support to make the important and fundamental lasting behaviour changes. Understanding your personality will help you to understand what needs to happen next in order for you to be successful.

Take the test. It only takes a few minutes, and you'll get a FREE mini report immediately!

After you complete the questionnaire you will instantly receive a Free Mini Report about your personality profile. The free mini report will be short and very revealing. Incredibly accurate results can be yours in less than 7 minutes and give you great insight into why you do what you do!

Every Practically Slim client gets their full report with our compliments as soon as they make an appointment with one of our fully trained coaches.

A really comprehensive report is written specifically for you. It is compiled after completion of the online questionnaire, and is sent to your local coach who will meet with you to help you understand which Practically Slim plan would work best for you. Although the full report is a written in such a way that an individual can read it and make use of it, we would encourage you to share the results with your weight management coach as they are trained to interpret the results.

The full report is about 5000 words and covers the following subject areas:

  • Your personality type and what it means
  • How you make decisions
  • How you are motivated
  • How you cope with change
  • How you organise yourself
  • How you can learn to believe you can do it
  • Your willingness to risk failure - or not
  • Your ability to persist no matter what

The aim is to give you something you will find invaluable in its own right that also leaves you wanting to know and understand more about your personality, which you will get with the full report.

We want you to have greater awareness of how your personality influences your weight loss journey, and what you can do to successfully achieve a new and healthy body.