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If you have type 2 diabetes then the plans will work really well for you. We actually get patients referred because of the success that clients have with us. Symptoms dramatically improve and with some clients they disappear completely and come off all their medication.

Yes – we don’t mix men and women in our groups. You will be in your own group with other men that have the same goal in mind as you.

When we design your plan with you. We will talk about the kinds of support that will work best for you. There’s a huge variety, including weekly groups and pop-ins between groups. There’s a forum in your members area and lots of online support too.

The most popular way is to join one of our taster evenings. Bring a friend and come and ask all the questions you want and make sure it is the best choice for you.

We have a plan specially to help you drop a clothes size fast – it takes 4 weeks.

Practically Slim starts at £4 per week. When you come in for a taster session we will spend time going over your goals and what you want – you choose the route that fits you and your budget best.

Practically Slim is all about you and what you want. Some of the plans do use meal replacements, but it’s up to you. Our clients really love the snacks, meals, soups, shakes, cereals and the rest of the range, because it’s so easy, and they don’t need to measure or weigh anything and the weight just falls off.

No you don’t have to attend a group if you don’t want to. We run groups because people find them very helpful and supportive but if you would prefer a pop in or a one on one coaching session then just let us know.

If you go back to your old way of eating that caused your weight gain in the first place, then you are likely to put on weight. However if you maintain weight loss with a healthy balanced diet and do not over consume in calories, then you will be able to retain your weight loss. Our Weight Management Programme provides on-going support and that, along with the tools and skills you will have learnt during your group sessions will help you change your thinking around food. Practically Slim teaches you to change your lifestyle for good.