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Barbecue Crisps

  • 119Calories per pack

Barbecue Crisps

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Description: Barbecue Crisps

Before you use any of Practically Slim's diet products as a total abstinence plan (VLCD), in accordance with NICE guidelines you can only follow a VLCD Plan for up to 12 weeks but you must talk to your GP or health professional first. Please ensure that you read our medical guidance notes before you purchase any of our Meal Replacement products. These notes can be found in the "The Programme" section of the website.

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Nutritional Information

This product is suitable for Vegetarians

Per 100g: Energy kj 1664, Kcal 398, Protein 44.4g, Carbs 16.3g; of which Sugars 17.0g, Polyols 8.2g, Fat 11.4g, Saturated fat 5.4g, Fibre 5.5g, Salt 1.26g. Vitamin A 351μg RE, Vitamin D 2.2μg, Vitamin E 5.5mg, Vitamin C 35.1mg, Thiamin 0.48mg, Riboflavin 0.7mg, Niacin 7.9mg, Vitamin B6 0.87mg, Folate 87.8μg, Vitamin B12 1.15μg, Biotin 21.9μg, Pantothenic acid 2.65mg, calcium 356mg, Phosphorus 514mg, Potassium 846mg, Iron 8.5mg, Zinc 4.8mg, Copper 0.74mg, Iodine 66.7μg, Selenium 24.15μg, Magnesium 167.9mg, Manganese 0.96mg, Chromium 17.0μg, Molybdenum 21.9 μg, Fluoride 1.55mg, Chloride 195mg, Vitamin K 43 μg, Sodium 285mg.

Per pack 30g: Energy kj 919, Kcal 119, Protein 22.8g, Carbs 16.7g Sugars 10.2g, Polyols 4.9g, Fat 6.9g, Saturated fat 3.2g, Fibre 3.3g, Salt 0.75g. Vitamin A 211μg RE, Vitamin D 1.3μg, Vitamin E 3.3mg, Vitamin C 21mg, Thiamin 0.29mg, Riboflavin 0.42mg, Niacin 4.7mg, Vitamin B6 0.52mg, Folate 52.7μg, Vitamin B12 0.69μg, Biotin 13.1μg, Pantothenic acid 1.6mg, calcium 214mg, Phosphorus 308mg, Potassium 507mg, Iron 5.1mg, Zinc 2.9mg, Copper 0.44mg, Iodine 40μg, Selenium 14.5μg, Magnesium 100.7mg, Manganese 0.57mg, Chromium 10μg, Molybdenum 13.1μg, Fluoride 0.9mg, Chloride 117mg, Vitamin K 26 μg, Sodium 171mg.

Allergens (Marked in bold on ingredients list)

Allergens: Contains soy.


soy protein concentrate (60%), sunflower oil, tapioca starch, soy fibres (6.4%), salt, maltodextrin, icing sugar, spices and aromatic herbs, natural flavourings, tomato, acidifying: malic and citric acids, colour: paprika extract, antioxidant: extract of rosemary.