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Success Stories

Antonella's Story

This is my story, 6 months ago I did the best thing I could ever do I joined Practically Slim Limited and began my weight loss journey.

Every step of the way my amazing counsellor Heather Newham was there through the good times and the bad you've always supported me.

In 6 months I've lost over 6 stones and when I say "lost" there is no way in hell I'm ever going to go looking for those stones again.

Heather has taught me to control my cravings and to stop letting food control me something that I've never been able to do Until now!

There is not enough words that I can say to you Heather apart from a big massive Thank You!

Because of you I've been able to achieve something that will change my life forever and for the better.

For anyone out there that doubts themselves and don't believe they can lose weight I'm living proof that it can happen. With strong will power and determination you can do this!!

The journey isn't always easy...but it is possible .

Contact Heather today she really can change your life like she has changed mine.

Adrienne's Story

"Body Mass Index or BMI never really meant that much to me. It was just another number after all. And another number that just tells you how morbidly obese you are. A couple of words that horrify me every time I hear them – morbidly obese. Yes I know I’m fat, but I don’t need to be described as morbidly obese! Nobody wants to be described as that, right??

Anyway, I digress, back to the subject of BMI. Apparently it is a measure of body fat based on height and weight. Now straight away I look at the description and think, well I have a lot of weight and, at only 5 feet 1 inch, not a lot of height! So I don’t need a genius to tell me my BMI is going to be high!!

For the geeks amongst you who are now wondering how to calculate their BMI, you take your weight in kilograms and divide it by your height in metres squared. Sound too complicated? Well use your computer – go to http://www.practicallyslim.com and there you will find a BMI calculator that will work it all out for you. Much easier!!

The healthy range is between 18.5 and 24.9 – anything over that and you are overweight.

Well, when I started with Practically Slim I had a BMI of 52.6. Now I’ve lost nearly 5 stone, I thought I would check it again last night. So we worked it out and I am now at 41.6! Still morbidly obese but getting there. Another half a stone and I will officially be just obese. Whoop whoop!! Still hate the word obese, but it is a lot better than being morbid!!

So, yes it is just another number, but it is a very important number, and probably more important than your actual weight.

Perhaps check your BMI out this week and see where you are.

Happy motoring down your own motorway to success!!

Adrienne has her own continuous blog post, click here to read more!

Gina's Story

"In August 2014 I received a text from Pauline, telling me about her new venture with a company called Practically Slim. Hence I got in touch with her to find out more and decided to give it a go.

There are many programmes on offer, I could pick which one suited me or move between various plans which made my socialising easy, no-one needed to know I was trying to lose weight and I was even able to have a glass of alcohol if I wished.

The plans consisted of Food Replacements, Breakfasts, soups, meals, shakes, snacks and conventional food.

Group work was optional. This I didn’t think was for me, but I gave it a go. It gave me the knowledge and the tools required to understand why I was using food for comfort/stress etc. And I was not the only one on this planet with a weight problem.

Support from Pauline was great! She understood how hard it can be to lose weight and most of all maintain it, she was there every step of the way, always at the end of the phone or email, if you should need support between meetings.

In, March 2015, 5 ½ months later I achieved a 5 stone weight loss! I FELT GREAT! I made plans for my 40th birthday and now go and buy DRESSES and items of clothing I would never have dreamt of buying let alone wearing. I feel feminine and IT’S GREAT!"

Gina Latimer

Colton Norwich

Sophie's Story

Meet Sophie who feels that her counsellor, Heather Newham in Enfield, "is the most caring, dedicated, encouraging person I know. Even when she’s on holiday she never forgets her clients. Always showing so much caring on our paths to a healthier life. ln my opinion, she’s the best counsellor l’ve ever had and I continue to lose weight because of her support, encouragement and advice.”

Katerina's Story

"Hi, I’m Katerina and have always wanted to help people to be fit and healthy so I did a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science. Yet despite learning daily about what constituted a healthy lifestyle I still munched my way daily through loads of chips, pizza, cake, sweets – if it was unhealthy, full of fat and sugar – I’d have eaten it. About the only type of sugar I don’t remember eating was the type that came in fruit (well unless it was partnered with custard). Gradually I began to dread clothes shopping and eventually started to dread going out altogether. My weight was stopping me doing things I loved, it was literally disabling my life.

Eventually I took the decision to meet with Heather my Practically Slim Coach. She helped me to learn that whilst I may know all the facts and figures about how to be healthy I needed support to actually live it. Being naturally social I joined a group that met regularly with Heather. With the support of the group and Heather’s fantastic 24/7 support and care I learnt not only how to lose the weight but even more importantly I’ve learnt how to keep it off. I lost 4 and half stones in four months and have now found a lifestyle that keeps me living my dream, as a fit, slim, healthy and very happy person."