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  • My Words to describe Practically Slim are that they are professional, friendly, confident and very encouraging. Practically Slim gave me back my self confidence and belief in myself, which enabled me to achieve my goal.

    Jane O

  • My Practically Slim coach is the most caring, dedicated, encouraging person I know. Even when she's on holiday she never forgets her clients. Always showing so much caring on our paths to a healthier life. ln my opinion, she's the best coach l've ever had and I continue to lose weight because of her support, encouragement and advice.

    Sophie T

  • Thank you Practically Slim for making me feel happier and healthier in myself. Without Practically Slim, I wouldn't have been a size 12 I'm still in shock, but it's a fantastic shock, thank you Practically Slim. I would recommend all my friends to you as the results are outstanding.

    Sharon J

  • Practically Slim, thank you so much for giving me my life back! I came to you 6 weeks ago weighing 13 stone 4 pounds, and today I weigh ‘1 1 stone 5 pounds. I am absolutely over the moon and it's all down to your great programme that so easily fits into my daily life. I've never once felt hungry and have consistently lost 3 pounds a week on average. Your continued support has kept me going, because I know you're always there if I need you and that really helps. The people in our group are such lovely ladies, which makes the sessions even more enjoyable. I would recommend anyone to join Practically Slim – it could change your life!

    Sue A

  • l have met many amazing people in my life but none more so than my Practically Slim coach. She is a true inspiration and makes me truly believe I can achieve my goal. Her support is incredible and I could not imagine having gone on this journey without her

    Tracy E

  • To my counsellor at Practically Slim - You're the only one who motivates me to want to lose weight….you make me feel strong because you are 100% dedicated to your classes, and always available to give your support

    Sandra O

  • “I’ve been trying to lose weight for the past 5 years, have lost a few pounds here and there and put it all on again.


    So I got in touch with Natalie Brown to see if she could help me although I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to do a fast track plan because of things I would have to give up – mainly alcohol. However, my desperation to lose the weight I’d gained spurred me to do whatever it took. I was becoming very unhappy because of my weight and knew that I had to take back control and balance things again.

    So I was delighted to find out I could still have a tipple, but knowing that I could have one, meant that mostly, I didn’t. After a few weeks, I found that I wasn’t even thinking about it any more


    I won’t say that this journey has been easy, but with Natalie’s help it hasn’t been that difficult either. Looking back at the support, advice and encouragement she has given me, I couldn’t have done it without her.

    Natalie helped me to recognise that I was using food and drink to treat or reward myself, to relax, or to deal with difficult situations, but that I wasn’t more relaxed, just more stressed out with my weight gain!

    I have now been treating myself with a new wardrobe of clothes instead and believe me; it feels better and lasts longer. I am so much happier and feel much more confident.


    Maintaining weight loss for me has always been the hard part, and I plan to continue with Natalie’s support for as long as I need to.

    Seeing someone on a 1-2-1 basis makes you accountable and that helps me mostly make the right choices. I couldn’t hide or avoid the scales like I had in the past.

    Now I don’t even mind looking in the mirror...”

    Nicola H

  • This is my story, 6 months ago I did the best thing I could ever do I joined Practically Slim Limited and began my weight loss journey.

    Every step of the way my amazing counsellor Heather Newham was there through the good times and the bad you've always supported me.

    In 6 months I've lost over 6 stones and when I say "lost" there is no way in hell I'm ever going to go looking for those stones again.

    Heather has taught me to control my cravings and to stop letting food control me something that I've never been able to do Until now!

    There is not enough words that I can say to you Heather apart from a big massive Thank You!

    Because of you I've been able to achieve something that will change my life forever and for the better.

    For anyone out there that doubts themselves and don't believe they can lose weight I'm living proof that it can happen. With strong will power and determination you can do this!!

    The journey isn't always easy...but it is possible .

    Contact Heather today she really can change your life like she has changed mine.

    Antonella G